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dNet Culture. So you won't embarrass yourself mispronouncing Phuket, Thailand.

New Years

3rd Annual dNet New Years Trip: Texas (01/01/2003)

2nd Annual dNet New Years Trip: New Orleans (01/01/2002)

1st Annual dNet New Years Trip: New York (01/01/2001) *

Other Trips

A Visit to Boston (08/01/2002)

Memorable Concerts

James Taylor : October Road Tour (11/12/2002)

Bob Dylan and his band (10/31/2001)

Bon Jovi with Eve 6 (7/8/2001)

Aerosmith with Fuel (7/7/2001)

Styx in concert (7/5/2000)

An Evening with The Smashing Pumpkins (4/12/2000)


2020 East memories (8/14/2001)

Parties, Articles, and Fun

3rd Annual dNet XXXmas Par Tee (12/28/2001)

dIRC 2 progress (5/18/2000)

An Ode to Ben the Tow Truck Driver (4/24/2000)

Norwigan Studs Trivia

*work in progress

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